Tierp Internationals 2019

Straight to the finish line, great at the track and nice to look at- that's this weekend's summary of our new car!

A great race weekend at Tierp Internationals is over, and we sum it as the whole team is very satisfied. The car went great, straight and nice whole weekend.

Thumbs up for everyone who cheer us and the work of building a pretty Pro Stocker of our own. Now we working on finding the fast numbers that we know are there. But as qualifiedas #8 on 6.72sec/335km we´r not far away. Sadly we lost the quarter final, but we will be back on the startline soon again.

Right now we´r at the 6th posision in the table. See you folks in Finland in about three weeks.




Main Event is done and the first event at Tierp Arena is up.

Simon got a good hang of the new car at Santa Pod and Main Event, and the interest around the new car was way more than expected.

-We´r supriced and happy of the interest in the car, says teamowner and crewchief Mikael Sjökvist. We have a good feeling for this season. We also welcoming our new team member Rob Stanley from UK.
Now the team is geting ready for Tierp Internationals 2019.


Malmö Testing Testing!

Samantha Racing and Simon Gustafsson is back on track again. 

Samantha Racing Malmö Raceway

After a breake of 1,5 year the Samatha Racing is back again. This time with a total new car! The only thing thats old facion this year is the team and the driver. The testing at Malmö Raceway went all good and now the team is prerparing for the firts FIA Championship event at Santa Pod 1,5 week away.

Samantha Racing Malmö 2019

Simon and team is very happy to be back behind the wheel again. After a break where he have extended his family and his house, it´s now time for some racing again.


Again a very big field, 14 Prostock cars on the property. In Q2 we dropped an intake valve and that was not fixable on the track so we went back home and started to prepare for Tierp 2.


Tierp 1

The biggest field of Prostock cars in years, 15 cars that battled for 8 spots in the ladder. Unfortunatly for us we qualified nr 9.



Main Event

Main Event was both a success and a dissaster, qualifying started good with a pair of sub 1second 60ft times. We faced Stefan Ernryd in first elimination and beat him on a holeshot. At the finnishline we kicked a rod out and that was it for the weekend.



Scandinavian Internats - Not

Simon Gustafsson
After the engine broke at Nitronationals in Finland, the team worked hard to get a second enginge in order. And they manage to do it. Went to Nitrolympx in Germany last weekend and broke another engine in the first elimination round.
- So it is with sad voice, we must tell we have to cancel the remaining season, says Simon. We can´t managed to put together a new engine until next weekend so we have to throw in the towel this time. But we will be back next year with new force. See you all then.



Samatha Racing is preparing for Nitro Nationals, Finland

The Samantha team is now getting ready for some revenge from last event at Tierp Arena in June. Simon was qualifying as #5 of 10 participates at 6.82/326 km/h when the elimination day started. A pretty good spot as there was just two qualifying round made on late friday evening. Whole Saturday rained away. In first elimination round Simon took all chanses to beat Magnus Petersson but hit a readlight instead. 

And when checking the enging a rod end was badly hurt. But now it´s time for a new event. In just about a week al Pro Stock cars is gettering togehter at Alastaro Circuit for the third FIA round. Hope for some better 




No Main Event this year.
Unfortunately the Samantha Racing team is not ready for Main Event.
- We still waiting for engine parts , says Simon. So our first race will be at Tierp Arena.


Sjökvist is preparing for the season - and the next

Mikael Sjökvist got plans

Mikael Sjökvist went to Persåkers Speedshop to get his Pro Stock gears inspected at the 2016 SFI Inspection and also reports about the work and plans for the Samantha Pro Stock car so far.

-We went to US this winter to look at a new body for the car, tells Mikael. We went to V Gains and ordered a Dart-body. Did some measurements, went back home and prepared the car so the new body will fit. This new one is much more narrow and will contain a much less air resistance, which will make us cut about 0,07 sec. from our times last season.

But the new skin is not coming on this year, but so far the car is prepared for it. The car is going to look the same this year as last year.

-What we have done now is letting Tommy Slawco renovated the engine we broke at Tierp last year, says Mikael. And we also got a new intake from HRE and another camshaft with a newer font. This hopefully make us a little bit faster this year.  

 Simon Gustafsson will be returning behind the wheel and plans to run the normal calendar. 

-For us Malta is a question mark at the moment, it depends very much on the deal, so we wait to see what happens there, says Simon  We will test at Malmo and we are going to run at the normal FIA events and chase results.

End of the season

Team Samantha Racing ended up as no 6 in the FIA Championship this year, where 11 teams participated. Not bad at all, even the pattern have been to be beaten in the first round in all event, Simon haven’t given up. Just moved on to next race and try again.
-  I need driving skills in the pro stock-car and that’s what I´m on to, just go to the races, learn a little bit more every time and eventually I will be at the top three, I hope.
The Samantha Racing team is a cheerful and dear group of guys. Traveling around Europe and do whatever they like best, drag racing.

-  This time we had some damage at the bus on the way here, said Mikael. The right side of the race bus was scratched and some other damage, but not too bad, we can repair it when we get home.
Mikael Sjökvist that is the owner and crew chief like that Simon as a young hungry driver and the team is now home planning for next season. Maybe Simon is climbing the ladder and ends at a little bit higher number than this year.

First round out at The Finals Simons did a 6,83/320 km/h against Jan Ericsson that got tire spin and lost time. Simon Q5 after first round.
Round two Simon had a bye run and a sixty at 1.036 and the car drifted to the left but Simon straighten it up. Ended at a 6.89 sec /321 km/h run and kept the Q5 place until Saturday.
-        Some small problems with the engine, said Simon on Saturday night. So we changes the blue engine to a read one instead. Hope that will make some better times on race day.

Round three Jan Ericsson created a better time than Simon and pushed him down a step, to Q6. And qualifying round 4 didn’t give any time as Simon went up in smoke. So the best qualifying time was the first at 6.83. First round out in the elimination on Sunday Simon had Jimmy Ålund. Not a very good start on a race day. But anything can happen in drag racing. Eventually Jimmy did what he use to do and Simon was out, but Simon found the time he had in the first qualifying round again, so there is consistency in the driving that can remain until next season. He also had a better time on the tree than Jimmy, by 0,029 vs Jimmy’s 0,079, so he did whatever he could to beat the former champ.
The Pro Stock champ 2015 was eventually Thomas Lindström and RU Jimmy Ålund. A tuff race between the two combats that rules the Pro Stock class together with Michael Malmgren so far.


Time to set of for Santa Pod

Many thanks also to all the guests who came to visit us at Tierp, hope everyone had a great day at the track! The trip to Santa Pod is coming up and the trailer is loaded. Not with the engine that broke at Tierp thue.The engine has a major damage and there is no time to fix it before tuesday when the trailer is on the roll to England.

We want to send a big thank You to Malmo Raceway that opened up the track for us last Saturday, so we could test new tires before the trip. Now we´re ready to set of for the Final battle. See You there and keep your thumbs for us. Right now we´re at the 7th place but hopefully we have improved that to a better position when next weekend is over.

Crew shief Sjokvist is ready to roll to the island in the Nordic Sea!

Santa Pod in May. Now we´re ready for the Finals.

Back from Scandinavian Internats


A new personal best at 6,72 sec and qualifies as no 4 makes this weekend a great racing weekend. Perfect air, track, spectators, racers. But unfortunately one engine broke. But luckily there are a couple more to use. Simon had Thomas Lindström in first round and had to shut off at half track. And that was the end of the weekend.

The car is back in the garage to get some love before we all heading to the Finals at Santa Pod in just about a week. Simon is at the seventh spot in the championship and hope to get a bit higher before the season ends.

Tierp Internationals - here we come!


Samantha Racing team is on their way to Tierp Arena. It's been a long holiday since Alastaro and now the team are eager to get on track again. And we welcome our 25 guests that coming to visit and follow us in the pit and at the track.

See You there folks! :)

Back from Alastaro

Back home after a great but not so great weekend. Wethervice it was very nice, maybe even to nice, as it was a bit hot at the track on friday. But it got a bit cooler during the weekend. Racevice it wasn't Samantha Race teams weeknd. Qualification runs was difficult and the track wasnt easy. It was not conditions for fast times for Simon this time. He ended up as Q8, which means he had to meet Q1 Richard Sundblom in the eliminations. Richard  was driving consistently whole weekend. And that was that for the weekend. He was hard to beet. Simon was 0,02 sec faster on the tree but Richard was running faster and ended up at 6.65 sec against Simons 6.84 sec. Simon is now no 6 in the European Championship table after the third FIA race in Finland. Next round is at Tierp Arena in end of august for Pro Stock class. Jimmy Ålund is in the lead before Thomas Lindström, Magnus Petersson, Michael Malmgren and Richard Sundblom.
For more results check: http://www.speedgroup.eu/FIA%20DR%20Championship%202015%20points.pdf
Simon Gustafsson
Simon not so satified with the weekend. But the car is not damage and there is just adjustments that has to be done until next race at Tierp Arena. Plenty of time to fix.
Samantha Racing Team on the way to get Simon back to the pit.
Mikael Sjökvist thinking of the next thing to do.

Samantha Racing is up and ready for racing at Alastaro Circuit


- The guys have updated and checked the car, made some changes here and there, says Simon. We really looking forward to go to Finland again and hope for some good numbers there.

Simon celebrates one year in the Samatha Pro Stock Racing team this weekend. A good opportunity to do another personal best time and speed.


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Tierp Internationals 2015

New personal best!

Friday was a perfect day for racing. Nice weather and a perfect track. Simon did a new personal best in Q2 at the 1/8 et 4,30 sec. - A new carburetor was installed so that wasn't a full round as we wanted so test it, says Simon. But Q3 that we´re waiting for now is going to be a full throttle race.

Martin Petersson, Jan Eriksson, Simon Gustafsson waiting for the rain to stop.



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Tierp Internationals 2015


Team Samantha Racing is ready for the second FIA Championship race at Tierp Arena. As they did a personal best in England, a couple of weeks ago, they are really keen to make another one at Tierp Arena. And of course goes for a win.

- We did found some problems in the rear end that the team have been working hard to fix that after they got back to the shop in Nybro, says Simon. Also the engine got some update service and are now fit for fight again. 

FIA/FIM Main Event 2015


Back from a good weekend at Santa Pod Raceway. Simon had some problems at the start but last qualification round he manages to make a new PB in 60ft -1,0027, 1/8 mile ET - 4.3338 sec and 1/4 mile ET - 6.7416 sec. In first Elimination round Simon got Thomas Lindström and was aming for a win. So he took a chans at the startline. But with a redlight at just -0,002 sec he was of the race for this weekend. Now the team is back in Sweden and preparing for next FIA round at Tierp Arena in just about a week.

- A big thanks to my team and all of our sponsors! greets Simon. CHM maskin, Göthes industribeslag, AXS Nordic, Glas & Bygg, Geze Scandinavia, Järlebys Måleri.

The Samantha Racing team is lined up at Santa Pod Raceway

Unfortunally Simon lost the start with a redlight at just -0,002 sec vs Thomas Lindström in first elimination round.



The team is back from Malmo Raceway and it all went well.
- We did some testings and the response was good and we got what we wanted, Simon says. Not so good times though, as we had an old engine in the car. The weather was ok but a bit cold. It´s good to be back on track again and we´r looking forward to race in England in a few weeks.

European Championship Round 1


Simon and team is prepared for 2015

Team Samantha Racing are now preparing for the first round in the European Championship at Santa pod England. Simon Gustafsson is staying behind the wheel this season as well. And this year it´s going to be a full season. A new cylinder head and intake from Larry Morgan is the news at the car. A few updates in the rearend have been done as well. The team is almoast the same as last year with a little addidtion with a brand new member. Oliver is his namne and is just a few month old so far. But for sure he will be helping his dad Simon to drive the car, eventually.

But first of all the team is making a visit at Malmoe Raceway this weekend for some testing.

Santa Pod


European Finals på Santa Pod raceway bjöd på både med och motgångar. Vi skrapade ihop tillräckligt med poäng för att klättra till en 5 plats i FIA Pro Stock! Ett väldigt bra resultat för Simon som första års förare och även ett karriär bästa placering för Samantha Racing. Kvalet började lite krångligt med däckskak de 3 första rundorna, i den 4 kom vi imål på 6,78 vilket gav oss en 5 plats i kvallistan. Vi fick möta Magnus Petersson i första elimineringsrundan där han slog oss med en 6,67 mot vår 6,90.

Vi vill passa på att tacka hela teamet och alla våra sponsorer för säsongen 2014 !


European Finals at Santa Pod raceway was both good and bad for Samantha racing, one good thing was that we earned enough points to get the 5 position in FIA Pro Stock championship! A very good first year as a driver for Simon and also a carrer best for Samantha Racing in Pro Stock. The race itself was a struggle, the 3 first qualification rounds went in to bad tireshake of the startline, Q4 was better, a 6,78 got us the 5 spot in qualifying and we were up against Magnus Petersson in first round of eliminations. He beat us whit a 6,67 to our 6,90.

We would like to thank all crewmembers and all of our sponsors for 2014! 

Tierp EM


Tävlingen på Tierp började väldigt bra med ett stabilt kval med tiderna 6,75 6,74 och 6,75. Förlorade första eliminerings rundan mot Michael Malmgren efter att ha tappat fästet i starten. 2012 års världmästare i Prostock Allen Johnson och Adam Lambert från Penske Racing shocks var på besök på Tierp Arena vilket var väldigt uppskattat av många.  


The race at Tierp started very well whit a nice couple of qualification rounds, 6,75 6,74 and 6,75. Lost first round to Michael Malmgren after shaking the tires right at the hit. 2012 Prostock world champion Allen Johnson and Adam Lambert from Penske Racing shocks visited Tierp Arena and that was very appreciated by many.



Är inte mycket att skriva om tävlingen i Hockenheim, banan var inte bra nog för Prostock bilar så alla i klassen kom överens om att inte köra mer än en kvalrunda på grund av säkerhetsrisken.


Not much to say about the race in Hockenheim, the trackconditions were not safe for Prostock cars so we decided not to run more than the first qualifiying round.

Tierp Test


Helgen den 25-27/7-14 var vi på Tierp arena och körde några test rundor. Allt fungerade bra, vi körde 5 rundor, första svängen underskattade vi banan och hade lite låga startvarv och körde 7,13. Sedan gick det bara bättre, 6,81 6,75 6,79 och avslutade med en 6,76. Detta var givetvis personbästa för Simon men även teambästa för Samantha racing ! Nästa stopp blir Nitrolympix på Hockenheim ring den 8-10/8-14


 Last weekend the 25-27July-14 was a test session at Tierp Arena. We made 5 rounds, everything worked out well. In the first round we underestimated the track and had too low launch rpm, that resulted in a 7,13. After that it was all better whit 6,81 6,75 6,79 and 6,76. This was of course a new personal best for Simon and also a new teambest for Samantha racing ! Next stop will be Nitrolympix at Hockenheimring, Germany the 8-10 of august.



Banan i Alastaro var helt nyasfalterad, väldigt slätt och fint men tyvärr inte så mycket preparerat. Tävlingen började bra med en 6,95 och 319 km/h i första kvalrundan. På fredag kväll sattes den nya motorn Morgan i bilen. Slutade på en tredje plats i kvalet och fick möta Christian Sagelv i första rundan på Söndagen. Bilen rullade lite i stage vilket resulterade i en rödlykta. Vi ligger nu på en 7 plats i FIA serien i Prostock. Nästa stopp kommer bli Tierp Arena den 25-27 Juli där vi kommer köra lite test inför EM tävlingen i Tyskland i 8-10 Augusti.


The track in Alastaro was just resurfaced and was very smooth but the preparation was not so good. We started very good with a 6,95 319 km/h on the first pass. On Friday night the new enginge Morgan was installed in the car. We ended up as number 3 on the qualification list and was paired against Christian Sagelv in first round on Sunday. When Simon put it on the rev limiter in the stage lights the car moved just a little forward and turned on a redlight. Right now we are in the 7 spot in the FIA Prostock championship. Next stop will be Tierp Arena 25-27 July to do some testing before the championship round in Germany 8-10 August.

Ny Förare

New Driver


Ulf Wagnhetser har bestämt sig att pensionera sig som förare för Samatha racing, teamet tackar honom för alla dessa år ! Ny förare kommer att bli Simon Gustafsson från Borlänge, Simon är tvåfaldig EDRS Mästare i Super Street och tidigare mekaniker i ett Prostock team. Teamet var och testade i Malmö under Race Star Prostock shootout och bestämde sig för att forsätta FIA Serien i Prostock. Nästa tävling blir på Alastaro i Finland den 4-6 Juli

Ulf Wagnhester has retired as driver for Samantha racing, the team thanks him alot for all this years! New driver will be Simon Gustafsson from Borlange, Simon is a two time EDRs champion in Super Street and a previous mechanic in a Prostock team. The team went testing in Malmö during the Race Start Prostock Shootout and decided to complete the rest of the FIA Series, next stop will be Alastaro, Finland 4-6 of July


6.81 sec at Tierp Arena was a good start. We still try to get the new Penske shocks to work with the car.

Qualified as no:8. Lost first round to Ålund.


6,81 sek. på Tierp Arena var en bra start på säsongen.

Vi försöker fortfarande att få dom nya Penske- dämparna att fungera.

Kval 8 och förlorade första rundan mot Ålund.

Mekaniker sökes.

Vill du vara med och skruva prostockbil i sommar?

Bra om du har lite erfarenhet med skruv och mutter.

Ring Mikael så får du veta mer.

Tel: 0481-10306



For Sale.


3 Hemi engines.

2 Strange rearend center.

Front wheel brakes Lamb.

Driveshaft loop.


Till salu.


3 Hemimotorer.

2 Strange bakaxelklumpar.

Hjulbromsar fram Lamb.



End of 2012 European Championship and we finished as no:6.


European Finals at Santa Pod, we qualified as no: 5 with a 6.87sec. Lost first round to Ålund.


Då är europamästerskapet för 2012 över. Vi slutade på en hedersvärd 6e plats.


European Finals på Santa Pod, kvalade vi in som 5a med 6.87 sek. Förlorade första rundan mot Ålund.


Scandinavian Internationals. Tierp Arena.  6.83 sec and qualified as no 7.  Lost first round to Ålund.


Scandinavian Internationals. Tierp Arena. 6,83 sek. och kval 7a. Utslagen första rundan av Ålund.


Hockenheim. Qualified as no:1, but the track was in realy bad shape. Pro Stock and most of the FIA classes where canceled on raceday.


Hockenheim. Vi kvalade som nummer 1, men banan var så dålig att dom flesta FIA-klasserna inte körde på söndagen.


Alastaro was not what we intended.

We only got down the track once out of four. The reason was that we switched to the blue Hemi engine that was recently renovated with other carbs and a new intake. Took 3 runs to adjust it, 4th run we made it down the track, but failed to qualify with 1/100 of a second.



Alastaro blev inte vad vi hade tänkt.

Vi fick endast till en repa av fyra. Orsaken var att vi bytte till den blåa hemi-motorn som var nyrenoverad med andra förgasare och nytt insug. Tog 3 repor att justera in den, 4e repan tog vi oss ner för strippen men missade att kvala in med en 1/100 sekund.


6.82 s

The 12th fastest time in Europe ...

In Tierp Arena we finally got  it right. 6.88-324 km / h in qualifying and elimination 6.82, where we unfortunately lost. But 6.82 in a 16 year old Dodge!! Awesome.


6,82 s.

Den 12e snabbaste tiden i Europa...

I Tierp Arena så fick vi äntligen till det. 6.88- 324 km/h i kvalet och 6.82 elimineringen, där vi tyvärr forlorade.

Men 6.82 i en 16 år gammal Dodge!!!!  Häftigt.




Erik Almström,  a new member of the team. Erik works as welder and plays in the band Bullet. Has a Chevelle -66 with 540cui engine.

We will use the same material as last season.

The car and all four engines are for sale.

We want to buy new Dodge!


Erik Almström, ny medlem i teamet. Erik jobbar som tigsvetsare och spelar i bandet Bullet. Kör en Chevelle -66 med 540cui motor.

I övrigt fortsätter Samantha säsongen med samma utrusting  som förra säsongen och har som mål på vägen att prestera 6,85 i den gamla  Dodgen, som för övrigt är till salu. Även våra 4 motorer skall säljas. Vi vill  köpa nya Dodge !!!



Ursäkta röran.


Uräkta röran. Hemsidan är under uppdatering.

Din nyhet!



Ulf Wagnhester is back as a driver for Samantha Racing in the Dodge. After five years with various drivers are now Ulf back. The entire team looks forward with pleasure to the season ahead starting in Tierp. Before Ulf left in 2006, he had been driving for Samantha Racing through competion and Pro Stock in 10 years.



Ulf Wagnhester är tillbaka som chaufför för Samantha Racing i Dodgen. Efter 5 år med olika chaufförer är nu Ulf tillbaka. Hela teamet ser med glädje fram emot kommande sesonger med start i Tierp. Innan Ulf slutade 06 hade han rattat åt Samantha Racing via competion och pro stock i 10 års tid.



Samantha Racing first in Europe with a Dodge in 6 sec, the team managed to do this at Santa Pod.

We looks forward to a new succesful season

Samantha Racing först i Europa med en Dodge på 6sek, teamet lyckades med detta på Santa Pod.

Nästa år ser genast mycket trevligare ut.

Update before Mantorp

Uppdatering inför Mantorp




Samantha racing has bought a Hemi engine from the U.S., the engine is built by Bob Glidden for Schumacher Racing in the USA.
The premiere of the new engine will be done at Mantorp.
The team also bought stuff from Alan Johnson, which makes engine fleet now consists of three Hemi and a B1.
Samantha Racing has also got a new team member named Ulrik Sivertsson
The car is also for sale.


Samantha racing har köpt en Hemi motor från Usa, motorn är byggd av Bob Glidden för Schumacher Racing i Usa.
Premiären av den nya motorn kommer att ske på Mantorp.
Teamet har även köpt grejjor från Alan Johnson, vilket gör att enginepark nu består av 3 Hemi och en B1.
 Samantha Racing har även fått en ny teammedlem som heter Ulrik Sivertsson
Bilen är för övrigt till salu.



Hemi Engine 2010

 Hemimotor 2010


Samantha will drive a Hemi engine during season 2010.

Various parts have been purchased from the U.S, and the assembly work is in full progress, the engine is built by the team with heads and manifold from Allan Jonson.

Pictures of the Hemi can be viewed under "Garage Pictures"


Samantharacing kommer under säsongen 2010 köra en Hemi, diverse delar har inhandlats från USA och monteringsarbetet pågår för fullt.

Motorn byggs av teamet med toppar och insug från Allan Jonson.

Bilder på motorn kan ses under fliken "Garage Pictures"




The Final round in TD on Winternationals can be watched in Movies.

We finished as Runner up close behind "The Old 51"

and Nicklas Andersson


Finalrundan i TD från Winternationals kan bli sedd i "Movies"

Vi kom tvåa tätt bakom "The old 51" och Nicklas Andersson

New Pictures!

Nya Bilder!


New pictures from Test n Tune on Meca Raceway

Nya bilder från Test n Tune på Meca Raceway

License finish!

Licensen avklarad!

The new driver Jonas Engdahl drove up and managed to take the C1 License at Gardermoen Raceway in Norway.
Now the hunt for the 6th second begins!
Den nya föraren Jonas Engdahl körde upp och klarade av att ta sin C1 Licens på Gardermoenraceway i Norge.
Nu börjar jakten på sexan!

New mail

Ny mail






As you have noticed, this page is not updated in a long time, so because of our beloved team mate and friend Peter Frost hurriedly left us in the fall. The lack will always be, but life must go on.

Home page will now be run by Adam Andersson who is in the team years ago.

 Som ni har märkt så har denna sida ej uppdaterats på länge, detta på grund av vår kära team kompis och vän Peter Frost hastigt lämnade oss i höstas. Saknaden kommer alltid att finnas men livet måste gå vidare.

Hemsida kommer numera att skötas av Adam Andersson som finns i teamet sedan några år tillbaka.

New Driver

Ny förare


Samantha has completed its collaboration with Peter Dahlin whos not going to run the Dodge more (Thanks Peter).

The team will instead to invest Locally which means that Jonas Engdahl from Nybro will be a new team member and driver.

Jonas has previously stalled in the class, Super ET Pro, where he has run a compressor-fed Altred. It will be a bit tough with licenses and etc but it may take the time it takes, most important is that Jonas feel good.


Samantha har avslutat sitt samarbete med Peter Dahlin som ej kommer att köra Dodgen mer (Tack Peter).

Teamet kommer istället att satsa "hemvävt" vilket innebär att Jonas Engdahl från Nybro blir team medlem och förare.

Jonas har tidigare kört i klassen Super ET Pro där han har kört en kompressormatad Altred. Det blir lite strul med licenser och dyligt men det får ta den tid det tar, viktigaste är att Jonas känner sig tillfreds.

Season plans

Säsongen planeras



Recently back home after a trip to the USA, the finishing touches are beeing made for the upcoming season. We visited Valdosta and Gainsville to see some racing and pick up parts. But maybe the most interesting part is the contacts made with Larry Morgan for future development.

Nyligen hemkomna efter en liten tripp i USA. Vi besökte Valdosta och Gainsville för att se lite racing samt att plocka upp lite delar ( det blev 7 väskor med delar på planet !). Mest intressant dock är kontakten vi fick med Larry Morgan för ett framtida samarbete.




Welcome to

Samanta Pro Stock Racing 

Simon Gustafsson

We hope that you will enjoy reading about the teams efforts to compete in the ultra tough Pro Stock class in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship , and you can read all about it here at our little piece of "cyber space".


See you at the races

Samantha Pro Stock Racing